The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath

Ann Claw, JD, MA, LPC  and Alfred Claw, Traditional Healer, created Healing Soldiers, Inc. to help male and female combat soldiers and their families recover from post-traumatic stress and other painful wounds of war.  Male and female soldiers returning from conflict carry heavy burdens that can effect their ability to connect in a deep way with themselves, their partners and their families.  A war veterans emotional wounds need to be healed for peace to fully return to them.

Healing Soldiers, Inc. can help. Peace can return. On the land of the Diné, Navajo, where many wars have been fought and healed, we conduct 4 day intensive, traditional healing workshops of for male and female veterans of all wars, their partners, and their families.

recovery from war via traditional healingPlease contact us for a free consultation session and begin a new journey to the recovery from war and trauma.