About Healing Soldiers, Inc.

Founded by Ann Claw, MA, JD, LPC, and Alfred Claw, Traditional Healer,   Healing Soldiers, Inc.  helps male and female veterans of all wars, their partners, and their families, heal from the emotional wounds of war for peace to fully return to them.  By it’s nature, war creates conditions that produce emotional trauma. For emotional wounds to heal, a relaxed state of mind and body is necessary.

In a war zone, there is a need to be constantly on guard–the body can not relax enough for emotional wounds to be healed. It is only when soldiers return from war that their bodies and minds can relax enough to heal their trauma. However, when soldiers are off duty and re-enter civilian life, their minds can continue to react to many situations as if they are still at war.

Recovery from War Trauma

These war memories, or flash backs, can lead to violent outbursts, bouts of alcohol or drug use, periods of isolation, the inability to communicate with others, problem gambling, quick tempers, periods of depression, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, deep feelings of loneliness and disconnection, the inability to sleep, mood swings, over or under eating, and body pain and illness. Family members can suffer from the inability to help, not knowing what to do, not knowing what to say, feeling the same emotional roller coaster as their loved one, scared to say or do the wrong thing. They feel lonely and isolated along with their loved one.

Without intervention, emotional wounds of war will significantly interfere with the soldier’s ability to manage life. This in turn interferes with everyone around the soldier–they all suffer in another kind of war zone.

Healing Soldiers, Inc. can help.  At our retreat in Arizona, we will focus on the treatment of PTSD Counseling, depression, anxiety and recovery from the trauma of war. On the land of the Diné (Navajo), where many wars have been fought and healed, Healing Soldiers, Inc. conducts 4 day intensive, traditional healing workshops for male and female veterans of all wars, their partner, and their family.  Peace can return.

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