Alfred Claw, Traditional Healer, co-created Healing Soldiers, Inc. to help male and female veterans heal their war wounds so peace and spirituality can return to the people.

AlfredAlfred Claw, a member of the Diné  (Navajo) Nation, conducts sweat lodge ceremonies and upon request, other traditional healing ceremonies for the participants in Healing Soldiers workshops.

Alfred says, “Healing war trauma is accomplished through story telling and ceremony.  It is said that when people go to war, they receive armor to empower them.  When they come back from war they need to be disarmed and cleaned back up. Their mind may not be in one piece and they need a traditional ceremony so they can readjust to contemporary society.”

Alfred graduated from the University of Arizona with a major in vocational rehabilitation and a minor in psychology. For the past 22 years, Alfred has worked for Indian Health Services as a mental health counselor and as a traditional healer for the people in his community. Alfred helps people from all cultures heal from anxiety, trauma, addictions, depression, anger, and illness.

Alfred conducts lectures at Canyon Ranch Resort on Diné (Navajo) Spirituality and Healing Practices.

Blue HogonMuch of Alfred’s focus is on helping individuals, couples, and families return to their spirituality so they can have a healthy lifestyle. He is dedicated to using traditional healing practices for everyone of all cultures so they can benefit from the wisdom of the Diné (Navajo) ancestors.

Alfred lives in Tucson, Arizona and Tsaile, Arizona.