The Workshops

Each workshop contains the following components:

Experiential Techniques

An approach that uses psychodrama and other tools–such as role playing and empty chair–to help you access your inner reality. Psychodrama is one of the most effective tools because it uses all your senses in the learning process. Insight achieved by “talk” therapies can enhance learning on a cognitive level, but insight without experience cannot change behavior. In a safe place, you can feel your fears, name your traumas, speak more openly, and begin healing.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

SweatlodgeAlfred Claw, Traditional Healer, conducts all sweat lodge ceremonies.  A sweat lodge ceremony is a Native American ancient practice that when properly conducted can safely purify your spirit, mind, emotions, and body.  Respectfully clothed, you sit on the earth inside a hut like structure made from willow branches covered with canvas. Outside, a fire heats stones that are brought into the sweat lodge four times during the ceremony. This traditional ceremony of prayer, singing, and thoughtful expression is a powerful way for you to release trauma, rebalance  yourself, heal from the wounds of war, and reconnect with your family.

Mindfulness Techniques

workshop components

When you are able to look deeply into the nature of your pain and touch it, then it can be transformed. In order to truly look at your pain, you need to be in the present moment. Mindfulness techniques, such as sitting and walking meditation, teach you how to stay in the present moment. Each present moment contains the seeds of transformation and the power to change. When you are awake and mindful you can see and feel the miracle of being alive.

Body Massage/Cranial Sacral Treatment

Trauma is stored in the tissue of your body and can be safely released with body work. A certified massage therapist, or a cranial sacral therapist, upon request, will provide each participant with one treatment at the end of a workshop day.