Therapy for Veterans:  Male and Female Combat Soldiers

This workshop is for male and female combat veterans of all cultures.

While combat soldiers   may have experienced trauma in their own particular way depending on their gender and culture, peace comes through understanding the pain of another.  Understanding can happen when all groups come together as one.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to share your war experiences in a safe setting. With the support and understanding of others similarly situated, you will be able to release and let go of the pain you have carried.  You will learn how to walk through situations that trigger flash backs, how to talk openly about what you have experienced, how to change destructive thought patterns, how to address any addictions or compulsive behaviors, and how to reconnect in a healthy way with the people in your life.

Male Veteran

The workshop includes all meals and lodging, one sweat lodge ceremony,  and one body massage or cranial sacral treatment. Price: $2,500 per individual.  Workshop space is limited to 6 participants.

Please contact us to see if this workshop is right for you.  We will be happy to talk with you.